Searching for leading civil advocates in hyderabad, then you are at the right place. We are Top 3 civil advocates who deal with civil Litigation matters. We also deal with Divorce cases, Criminal cases, Civil cases and Name change services.


     A civil case is a dispute between two citizens in which one person sues another. Civil case initiates when rights of individual breaches. The plaintiff brings the case to civil court and usually asks for money in compensation for damages caused by the defendant.

      In civil cases if the right of individual infringed then the remedy will cure such infringement by way of compensation or damages. Court will come in rescue to protect rights and to provide remedy. We provide our assistance in diverse civil cases to our clients.


  • Possession or acquisition of your property by other party.
  • Employees Probation issues.
  • Family disputes and succession disputes.
  • Landlord and tenant disputes which include evictions, easement, adverse possession etc.,
  • Unpaid personal loans or breach of trust.
  • Negligence, nuisance and tort cases.
  • Medical Malpractices.  
  • Breach of Contract cases etc.,

Why are we the Best Civil Lawyers in Hyderabad?

Legal procedure in civil cases is a massive mechanism to manage. After working with numerous cases we got a grip on such procedure, through which we can assure a productive experience. Here are the steps in which we will accompany you­-

  • Procedural part in a civil case starts with Filing of Vakalatnama which makes the advocate eligible to fight the case in India. It is an acknowledgement by the advocate to represent client in the court.
  • Filing of Suit/Plaint with necessary information in the prescribed manner is the next step. A suit initiates with a well drafted plaint, in which cause of action and facts of the case are mentioned.
  • Paying the requisite court fees and stamp duty as per the nature of the suit or as prescribed.
  • Framing of accurate issues and providing with list of witness is the next step to proceed with the case.
  • To examine the Proceedings and appear before the court whenever the court adjudicates the case.
  • Filing of Replication by Plaintiff if needed any.

The procedure in civil cases is in itself vast and a time consuming one. Still you can relieve from such agony by choosing our well efficient advocacy services.

We provide our clients sophisticated advices with exhaustive research on legal provisions and get along with latest judicial trends. Professionally we are committed to undertake every effort to make your legal battle successful.