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     A cheque is a financial document that permits a bank to pay a particular amount of money from a person’s account to another individual’s or company’s account in whose name the cheque has been made or issued. In specific conditions, the bank may refuse payment of cheque or may dishonor a cheque. In such cases the cheque will bounce and it is treated as an offence under Negotiable Instrument Act.


  • Mismatch of signatures on the cheque and the signatures on the official documents of bank.
  • When the cheque is presented after the expiry of 3 months i.e. submitting expired cheque.
  • When bank account has been closed by the account holder or by the bank itself.
  • When there are insufficient funds in the bank account of the drawer.
  • When there is clear inconsistency in the figures and the words presented on the cheque.
  • When there is no seal/ stamp of the company that has issued the cheque.
  • In case the drawer or the drawee has died/insolvent/insane etc.,


We are here to save your money from being looted by fraudsters with the help of legal provisions. Here are the stages in which we can assist you in bringing back your money.

  • To overlook the process of complaint filing: The complaint needs to be filed before the jurisdictional magistrate within the limitation period that is within 30 days from the accrual of the cause of action.
  • To make sure the summons are issued: The next stage is to issue summons to the accused, if the magistrate is satisfied that there is some substance in the case of the complainant.
  • In Producing the Evidence: We will leave no stone unturned to furnish evidence, and look after the process of examination-in-chief.


  • The original cheque
  • Memo of returning cheque which would contain the reason about non-payment by the bank
  • Copy of demand notice and the original receipts.
  • An affidavit stating evidence.

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