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    Name Change

    Name is the most indispensable thing that any individual own and it is the primary way as to how society address us.

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    Family Law

    Family is an integral part of our existence and it is obvious to feature conflicts relating to family.

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    Cheque Bounce

    A cheque is a financial document that permits a bank to pay a particular amount of money from a person’s account to another individual’s or company’s account in whose name the cheque has been made or issued.

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    Civil Law

    A civil case is a dispute between two citizens in which one person sues another.

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    Criminal Law

    Any act or omission which is prohibited by law and is punishable by law is a crime.

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    Searching for the best Divorce lawyers in Hyderabad, then you are at the right place. We offer Divorce services in Hyderabad.

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         Family is an integral part of our existence and it is obvious feature conflicts relating to the family. Family law deals with disputes arising out of family relationships. It includes problems arising out of marriage, breaking matrimonial relations through a divorce, termination of parental rights, adoption, prenuptial agreement, child custody, maintenance, and alimony.

    Why are we the Best Divorce Lawyers in Hyderabad

         Humans are not only confined to family relations but also to legal obligations that arise out of them. We will help you in every stage of dealing with such legal requirements.  From drafting well-proficient petitions to obtaining favorable orders from the court, we are committed to making every effort in legal proceedings.

    Here are the reasons

    • We have dealt with many divorce cases and
    • Our team has research skills to analyze your need and prepare legal strategies.
    • Our team has good communication skills because a lawyer who is good at communication skills can argue in court before the judges.
    • We are committed to drawing judgments
    • Our team is good at finding weak points in opposition arguments.
    • Our team of divorce lawyers in hyderabad has good analytical and research skills.


         Dissolving a marriage or getting a divorce is in itself an emotional struggle and the legal process can be difficult to handle. We are here to help you in this regard.

         There are two types of divorce in India  

    Contested divorce: It is when one spouse is reluctant to divorce but the other is willing to divorce. This divorce is granted only if the case falls under certain grounds.

    Uncontested divorce: Uncontested or Mutual divorce is when both parties file a joint petition for mutual consent divorce.

         Both men and women can apply for divorce on the grounds of mutual consent, cruelty, adultery, desertion, conversion, mental disorder, communicable disease, renunciation of the world, when spouse is presumed dead etc.,

         On the above grounds, a petition will be filed in a court and from this initial stage we will acknowledge with the further procedure of filing petition in court having proper jurisdiction, service of summons, negotiating, litigating in the trial, obtaining interim orders and final order.


         Maintenance is the amount payable by husband to his wife who is unable to maintain herself either during the subsistence of marriage or upon separation or divorce. The term alimony means an allowance or amount which a court orders that husband to pay to the wife for her sustenance. The other cases in which we offer services are restitution of conjugal rights, to obtain an order by the court for child custody, Legal process of adoption, dealing with agreements before marriage, dowry cases etc .,

         In India Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and Parsi are the five major communities and these are governed by their own personal laws according to their customs. Henceforth, the procedure varies as per parliamentary legislation. We had eminent knowledge on the procedural part in dealing divorce and family cases and esteemed experience which will make your legal battle hassle-free.

    How To Choose a Lawyer For Divorce in Hyderabad

    This is a very common question that arises in everyone’s mind, How do I choose a divorce advocate? In the olden days, we use to ask friends or family for referrals. now in this digital age simply open google and search for the best divorce lawyers in Hyderabad and you get a list of results. Open the results and try to have an appointment with the divorce lawyer.

    Explain your family issue and clarify all your doubts. Know their experience in dealing with different divorce cases and ask them how they are going to deal with your divorce case.


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    We also offer NRI Legal Services Like Divorce.